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License Distribution

License Distribution March 2005 newsletter

It's nearly March and that means it's AUM Marathon time!!
This amazing week-long journey runs from March 23-29 and, as always, is part of the AUM Leader Training. Also, for our local readers, starting March 20th, we will be holding an open AUM Meditation once a month at 9:00 a.m. We will send you the dates in future newsletters.

March also marks the beginning of the Sexuality Training year, which kicks off March 18-20 with the group Sexuality Awareness. The Sexuality Training is an opportunity to enrich and explore your sexuality in a safe environment. Allowing you to appreciate your sexuality for what it is - a natural and beautiful expression of your true self. The two-year course comprises nine weekend workshops per year, each followed by a tutorial day. The program can be used for personal development as well as for those wishing to deepen their professional skills in therapy and counseling. If you'd like to know more, we will be holding an Information Evening in Amsterdam on March 1 (see Events Around the World at the bottom of this letter), or you can contact Navajata or Pipasi at +31-72 506-4114.

Also in March, we will be having another Parents & Kids Camp. Our last Parents & Kids Camp was a great success, with whole families, kids of all ages, and Tan-Ju's in attendance. You can see some photos below

Hey Tan-Jus listen up!
We are planning a Tan-Ju reunion this summer from Aug 5-7, and you're all invited to join us.
For more information, contact Sabya (see pic below); she is coordinating this juicy happening.

More big news: We told you last month about the imminent arrival of our new CD, Love in Action, which we were looking forward to with baited breath. Well...IT'S HERE! It's fantastic, it's beautiful, we are SO proud of this album.

Spring Cleaning for Workers! We have a special offer for those of you who would like to come spend some time with us as Workers but have not yet done the Tourist Program: During the month of March you have a great opportunity to join the 21-Day Dynamic Meditation with us as a worker, which will take place March 1-21 for a special fee of Euro 380. The Dynamic Meditation is one of major active meditations of Osho, and it happens all around the world at the same time until March 21, Osho's Enlightenment Day. It's a beautiful way to clean out the cobwebs and get a fresh start to your day. Of course, The 3-week morning meditation is open for all Workers, as well. For more information please contact our booking office at +31-72-506 4114.

Meanwhile, the house continues to undergo renovations and improvements. The students' dormitory, once called Bombay and newly renamed "Rio" has been sanded down, repainted, and refloored, and has been furnished with new curtains, mattresses, and bedspace drapes. (see photos
The Opel library has also been renamed Erasmus, after the 15th Century Dutch Humanist.

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, Veeresh is currently in Brazil. He and some of our staff flew there for the third annual CarnaWow in the Namasté Center in Porto Alegre, and Ketu wrote about his experience there. You can read the article and see some pictures of the event here.

The Tourist Program
The Tourist Program is a personalized, intensive, highly-structured two-week journey into your inner being. It is the foundation program of Humaniversity Therapy, where you are guided by our experienced staff to take a deeper look at your behaviour, your fears, your emotional blocks, and the various factors that stop you from living your life to the fullest. Once you learn and become more aware, we give you the tools to grow and change so that you can become a self-actualized human being and the master of your life. You can read more about the Tourist Program here, or contact us for more information.

Upcoming Highlights

Coming up in two months' time is the first Mega AUM of 2005.
The famous Mega AUM is held only twice a year and has become hugely popular. The meditation is led by Veeresh, people come from near and far, and it is always an amazing experience. You are invited to join us on May 15 at noon.

Our March Calendar

Mar 1-21
21 Days Dynamic Meditation with Pipasi, asst. Prasad
7:00 - 8:00
EUR 380.- (EUR 100.- for meditation only)

Mar 4-6
A Taste of Tantra with Veera, asst. Amano

Mar 5
Heartbeat Day: A Day of Dance, Meditation and Celebration with Ketu
Sat 10:00 - 18:00
EUR 50.- (EUR 75.- for 2)

Mar 11-13
From Heart to Heart with Aamod
EUR 280.-

Mar 12-13
Wellness Weekend with Sangitama
Sat 10:00 – Sun 18:00
EUR 165.-

Mar 18-20
Sexuality Awareness
(also the start of Sexuality Training) with Chandrika
EUR 290.-

Mar 19-20
Special Weekend with Darshana & Shiva
Sat 10:00 – Sun 18:00
EUR 75.-

Mar 20
AUM Meditation with Chandrika
Sun 9:00 - 12:00
EUR 12.50.-

Mar 22 - Apr 5
AUM Leader Training with Chandrika & Prem Jan
Tue 19:30 - Tue 21:00
EUR 1500.-

Mar 23-29
AUM Marathon with Veeresh & Staff
Wed 19:30 - Tue 15:00
EUR 850.-

Mar 24-28
Parents & Kids Camp with Mariangela
Thu 17:00 - Mon 17:00
Day Price (please inquire)

Mar 26
Creativity: The Humaniversity Way with Darshana
Sat 10:00 - 18:00
EUR 50.- (EUR 75.- for 2)

Events Around the World

March 1
Information evening for the Sexuality Training with Ketu, Pipasi, Amano and Navajata
Multiversity Amsterdam.
Sarphati Park 5 I
1073 Amsterdam
Starts at 17:00
EUR 5.-
** For those interested, the information evening will be followed by an AUM Meditation (separate fee applies)


March 18-20
Intimacy - with Lucy & Navajata
Osho Leela, Dorset


March 18-20
Humaniversity Body Awareness with Aamod
Hällungen Kursgård

Osho Joke of the Month

Percy and Peggy Sue get married and go on honeymoon to the Bahamas. While they are there, Percy buys a beautiful parrot in a cage and takes it back to the hotel room.
But every time that Percy and Peggy Sue start making love, the parrot start commenting on their movements.
The cheeky parrot says things like, "Thatta girl, Peggy Sue!" and "Come on Percy, you can do better than that!" and "Oh! Oh! Slow down! Speed up, turn left...!"
Finally, the parrot's descriptions get so explicit that Percy jumps off the bed and flings a sheet over the cage. "If you don't shut up," he shouts, "I'm going to send you to the zoo!"
That evening the honeymooners are packing to leave their hotel. But Peggy Sue is having some trouble closing her suitcase; she cannot fasten the lock.
"Darling," says Percy, "why don't you get on top, and I'll try." But the suitcase will not close.
"Look, sweetheart," says Peggy Sue, "you get on top and I'll try." But that does not work, either.
"Listen," suggests Percy, "why don't we both get on top, and we can both try."
At this point the parrot pulls the sheet off its cage and shrieks, "Zoo or no zoo, this I've gotta see!"

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